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Genera Coegi nibh Casing

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 Genera Coegi nibh Casing

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Habemus adaptatorem varias armationis ad occursum diversis requisitis.

Type A: It’s also called armamentis twister that widely used with permanent casings. It has Kelly box to connect the Kelly bar and it features 4 legs to stretch out to fit the casing of different diameter.

Type B: This is the most common type of casing drive adaptor. The upper part of adaptor would connect the plate of the rotary drill rig and the lower part of female armamentis iuncturam can match up with the male joints of the casing tubes. The female and male joint can be connected through the casing bolts.

Typus C: Hoc genus adaptationis tabulae armationis notat capsulam Kelly, quae clausurae ligulae connectere solebat.

Typus D: Praecipua utilitas huius generis adaptor coegi armamenti est coniungere fistulas diuersarum diametri per cognatas iuncturas armamentorum feminae. Ut videre potes, duas compages variarum magnitudinum feminas habet.

Placere referuntur ad for more detail of the armamentation drive adator.